Our mission is to promote and protect the health of children.

As SAPA, we seek to serve and unite paediatricians, parents, policy makers and children.

We achieve this through the advocacy for the rights of children, education & facilitating collaborations with those who share our ideal

Why Contribute To SAPA?

We want children all over South Africa to thrive.

If you or your organisation feel similarly we would appreciate your support in making thriving children a reality.

The paediatricians who serve on the executive committees do so as volunteers.

However, we require administrative support to run all our activities.

This in turn allows us to keep up to date with the needs of our members who are on the ground working for the children in our country.

Your contribution would aid in the execution and planning of our educational activities, the maintenance of our website and perhaps allow us to undertake special projects that arise in line with our vision and mission.