Approach to the dysmorphic neonate

Approach to the dysmorphic neonate.

Speakers: Dr Careni Spencer & Nakita Laing

26 July:
Antibiotic (Mis)use in children

Trends in neonatal sepsis epidemiology and
implications for empiric antibiotic therapy

Speaker: Prof Angela Dramowski

Containing antimicrobial resistance
through good stewardship

Speakers: Dr Heather Finlayson

Antibiotic use in lower respiratory tract infections
Speaker: Prof Ziyaad Dangor

28 June: Ethical
issues in children

Consent in children
Speaker: Prof Sharon Kling

Refusal of treatment
Speakers: Prof Neil McKerrow and Dr Mandy Wessels

Febrile fitters & Infant critters
Speaker: Dr Andrew Redfern.

31 May: Paediatric
Emergency Medicine

Speaker: Dr Tammy Baillie-Stanton

Procedural Analgesia
Speaker: Dr Jessica Head

Febrile fitters & Infant critters
Speaker: Dr Andrew Redfern.

19 April: Raised Intracranial
Pressure in Children

Assessment, diagnosis and management of raised intracranial pressure.

Speaker: Prof Llewellyn Padayachy

22 March: Gastroenteritis in children: Approach
and management of acute and chronic diarrhoea

Management of acute gastroenteritis in resource limited settings.
The approach to investigations & management of chronic gastroenteritis.

Speakers: Prof Kathryn Maitland & Dr Rachel Mlotha-Mitole.

22 February:
The Gender Experience

Disorder of sex development: how to support the patient’s gender experience, and the science.
Gender dysphoria and gender affirming care: international guidelines, and controversies with some suggestions on how to navigate these sensitively.

Speakers: Michelle Carrihill, Ron Addinall and Ruan Vosloo

30 November:
Prematurity update

How to best care for the smallest babies, hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy in the preterm infant.

Speakers: Dr Ricky Dippenaar & Dr Firdose Nakwa

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