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SAPA endeavours to serve the children of South Africa by equipping their health workers with the necessary tools and information required to excel in.

To achieve this, SAPA requires the support of an administrative assistant, a Zoom account and a functional website.

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Upcoming Events


25 Jan

GRAND Ward Round: HIV Regimen Update

CMSA events

30-31 Jan

FCPaed Part II written

CMSA events

6-9 Feb

Subspeciality written

Paediatric Conferences

6-10 Feb

Paediatric Refresher Course

CMSA events

13-14 Feb


Our mission is to promote and protect the health of children.

As SAPA, we seek to serve and unite paediatricians, parents, policy makers and children.

We achieve this through the advocacy for the rights of children, education & facilitating collaborations with those who share our ideal


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